HCISD Stingrays show off skills at Special Olympics basketball competition

Special Olympics competitors from across the Rio Grande Valley came together at Raymondville High School on Wednesday, Feb. 21, to show off their skills in the Annual Area Basketball Competition.

HCISD’s Harlingen Stingrays were among the many teams to compete at the Area 1 tournament.

Results are as follows:

Bonham Elementary

Ryan Garcia, 3rd place

Bowie Elementary

Abigail Diaz, 1st place

Aroth Acosta, 1st place

Cano Freshman Academy

Ethan Cordova, 2nd place

Coakley Middle School

Jozlynn Davila, 2nd place

Nolan Garcia, 1st place

Aiden Shroyer, 1st place

Logan Diaz, 2nd place

Harlingen High School

Kyle Olivares, 2nd place

Arron Rodriguez, 3rd place

Camilo Oliveres, 4th place

Marcela Marcia, 3rd place

Amber Jett, 1st place

Laura Lee Noell, 2nd place

Britney Calderas, 3rd place

Alex Garza, 4th place

Emily Vega, 1st place

Lamar Elementary

William Trumbower, 1st place

Long Elementary

Nate Medlin, 2nd place

Ben Pinon, 2nd place

Memorial Middle School

Tyler Rivera, 1st place

Jesus Carreron, 2nd place

Milam Elementary

Daniella Hernandez, 2nd place

Isla Pena, 2nd place

Harlingen High School South

William Trovis, 3rd place

Brandon Hernandez, 3rd place

Jesus Vargas, 2nd place

Isaiah Fuentes, 2nd place

Nathan Watkin, 1st place

Sebrina Cavazos, 4th place

Sarah White, 3rd place

Danielle Green, 3rd place

Treasure Hills Elementary

Gavin Merrell, 1st place

Vela Middle School

Wyatt Brownell, 1st place

Vernon Middle School

Eddie Perez, 3rd place

Wilson Elementary

Irving Cordova, 2nd place