Where are the guards at school?

In the last few months, I have visited the Federal Court House in Brownsville, Homeland Security office in Harlingen, and Social Security office in McAllen.

All three entities had armed guards on duty.

These guards are on duty during operation hours. My question to our local state and federal politicians including valley wide school boards is why don’t we have armed guards to protect our children and school staff from getting killed.

They are all defenseless. Armed personnel take an average of 10 minutes to arrive on the scene

after a school shooting. This is too late. Lives are lost, families are destroyed.

Yet our government does protect all people, including immigrants at all federal facilities.

Unfortunately it is just a matter of time, before a mass shooting happens in our Rio Grande valley.

Unfortunately the media saturates T.V. and newspapers with these shootings for weeks after shootings happen.

Mentally unstable people get ideas by watching all this news.

If we provide armed guards in schools during operation hours, lives will be saved.

Today’s weapons are capable of

firing100’s of rounds per minute in till armed personnel arrive on the scene.

My grandchildren attend school in the San Benito School District. Our government must address this issue. Since the Columbine mass shooting happened in the90’s, mass shootings have become the norm in the United States of America. Our government spends billions of dollars in wars and in aid to other countries.

Why not spend money to protect our American children. Our government must put an end to school mass shootings. There is no option. Mass shootings will continue.

Juan Jose Saldana Sr., San Benito