PRC students receive professional development

SAN BENITO — The students of San Benito’s Positive Redirection Center are getting some much-needed advice about their future.

Once a week, students are visited by business owners and city leaders to get information about joining the workforce.

The initiative began after interim principal Laura Garza took over in December.

“We wanted to provide students with an opportunity to learn interviewing skills and soft skills that are required in any given job,” Garza said.

Students are required to dress up in business professional attire and speak with the professionals on what to do in an interview.

“It’s going to provide them a better sense of what to expect in the real world and the labor market,” Garza said.

Visitors give a presentation on their job, expectations and the training required for their position before conducting a mock interview with students.

Students are advised on what prospective bosses are looking for during the interview.

“We instill that failure is not an option,” Garza said.

Over the course of a year, the Positive Redirection Center, an alternative campus within the San Benito school district, will see more than 400 students.

Students are on the campus for a short period of time, from 15 to 45 days before returning to their home campus.

Garza said on any given day, the campus will see 50 students.

“Every day students are coming in and out of the campus,” Garza said.

Garza said the initiative has provided a self-esteem boost to its students and has allowed them to envision a professional future.

“They’re very responsive and are asking questions and wanting to know more,” Garza said.

A variety of guests have presented and have included the owner of El Gallito to a representative from the Texas Workforce Commission and San Benito school district officers.

Garza said she has guests scheduled until April but is currently needing community leaders and business managers to volunteer for May.

Want to present?

The Positive Redirection Center is looking for city leaders and business managers to lead presentations about their careers in May.

For more information email Laura Garza at