Pointing fingers: Not enough toilets for Texas Independence Day festival

Some are raising a stink about the city’s lack of sewer services at the annual Texas Independence Day celebration at the San Benito Fairgrounds this weekend.

20 porta potties were delivered to the fairgrounds Friday morning 90 minutes after more than 700 San Benito school district students climbed off their buses to view a reenactment of the battles fought for Texas’ independence in 1836.

The Texas Heritage and Independence Celebration Association was aware AEP cut utility lines at the fairgrounds months ago as it builds it nearby service center.

Victor Rosas, the event’s president, said he ordered the portable toilets for the event.

Mike Fraizer, a reenactor, said a school official described the lack of toilets as a health hazard.

On Saturday, more than 3,500 spectators came to the fairgrounds for the event that draws history buffs from across parts of the state.

Frazier said the city should have provided sewer services for what he called its biggest tourist draw despite AEP’s construction.

However, City Manager Manuel de la Rosa blamed the Texas Heritage Independence Celebration Association.