Ignorance prevails

Russiapublicans are taking this land and they already have the upper hand. The wealthy, having bought out the GOP, have sold their souls to the devil.

They crave more money than they’ll ever need. They want to control every aspect of our minds, with many eagerly willing to sacrifice their livelihood.

Their select channel has even brainwashed those most affected by discrimination and poverty levels to succumb to the wealthy’s objective of total control.

Well, so much for the wealthiest country in the world with only the top 1 to 10% hogging all the wealth.

They have convinced a few Judas’s, using religion, to preach their agenda that only the wealthy succeed.

What the heck, ignorance prevails.

Just think of the buying power that would have been available to the workforce if they had gotten a big chunk of the welfare thrown to the wealthy.

That mass of money would still end up in the wealthy’s pockets in the form of higher profits.

It would also result in employees, working 40 or more hours a week, to drop out of the welfare rolls and eventually pay their fair share of taxes.

Remember my synopsis “The Market Basket grocery chain” that enjoys huge profits while competing with lower prices, have loyal and well paid full and part time employees that enjoy full benefits.

Poor Trump, now being defended by his loyal supporters, because of too much ridicule.

Maybe his approval ratings, incompetence, convictions and scandalous behavior have something to do with it.

They dished out a lot worse at our former POTUS and first lady, who were scandal free and demonstrated more class and dignity and did not reciprocate to their ridicule.

Once again, Obama has been selected as the most admired which probably won’t sit well with the opposition.

Trump picking the best of the best choices for his cabinet, are now getting fired or indicted, left and right for not adhering to his incompetence and treason.

He is now gaining momentum on more sexual scandals, while spending more than a third of his first term, vacationing and playing golf, profiting handsomely at his own establishments and costing tax payers close to the tune of 100 million.

Back to his accomplishments, his supporters are overjoyed, jumping up and down cause the stock market went up a couple of points, disregarding the fact that our last POTUS tripled it, had a booming economy and job growth for seven straight years and his term did not end until November 30 of this past year.

Too bad their select channel feeds them their fake news propaganda and neglects to keep their followers well informed.

Trump needs to skyrocket the stock market upwards to 50,000 to match Obama’s numbers. Why not Fact-check.org Obama’s numbers for true results?

A while back, our church choir sang the song “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me.” Well, I feel the Russiapublicans have changed the lyrics somewhat.

Now it’s ‘What so ever you do, to the least of my brothers, the better it is for me. The more I get to keep.

When I was hungry you threw me a bone. You told me to lick it and to pass it on.

When I was sick you dug me a grave, brought me some flowers and told me to weep.

Now the Russiapublicans and others want to enter into the home of our father.

Have a good day.

Juan Gonzales Harlingen