Take climate change seriously

As the Olympics closed down, our country looked at the athletic men and women representing the US in Pyeongchang with a sense of pride.

However, with the way that climate is changing, the list of places we can hold the Winter Olympics are getting shorter and shorter. Reporting in the New York Times and TIME shows that by the time our grandkids are watching the Winter Olympics, recent sites like Sochi, Squaw Valley, and Vancouver will too unreliable to host the ceremonies they once did.

Lest we think this is just the distant future, we should remember Sochi.

Sochi was an acclaimed winter resort town, but a series of warm summers led to fear that they couldn’t keep snow without melting.

They had to save snow from the winter before, and even then athletes were upset that it was too warm to perform basic sports!

Please call our members of congress at (202) 2243121 to let them know to take climate change seriously.

This is just one of the ways that our climate is affecting the way that we live our lives, and we should protect our earth.

Jordan Navarro Santa Rosa