Too compassionate?

It’s so flattering to be thought of as caring, compassionate and one loving all of humanity and it can also get you elected into the party of dreams and idealistic bull crap.

This is in reference to Mr. Barrientes comments on 3/9/18. I have little doubt Mr. Feis who died protecting children using his body as a shield would have much preferred shooting the perp. and saving many more children.

I went to school where there was actually a WW11 hero, teaching history and my dad was a seriously wounded vet from WW11 and Mr. B’s statement of some soldiers not wanting to kill in combat is an insult to any vet that’s been in combat.

I was in Vietnam and the sign over the mess hall tent read “Kill or be Killed” and if you didn’t have enough sense to fire back, you were a coward and wouldn’t be in my platoon long, one way or the other.

An anonymous armed and qualified teacher would gladly volunteer to protect our children or has everybody become too compassionate?

R.L. Johnson, Rio Hondo