Watching closely

Today’s paper (March 9, 2018) had two articles on the opinion page with which I agree, at least in part.

First: Mr. Berrientes supplied good reasons why he does not believe teachers should be armed to protect children against would-be killers.

However, that problem could be addressed by a statement from the administration that armed teachers whose names will not be disclosed are being permitted on all campuses along with a posted sign reading WARNING: THIS IS NOT A GUN FREE CAMPUS.

Trying to determine whether or not there is a teacher present carrying a gun might be the only deterrent necessary beyond the other necessary precautions.

Second: Ruben Navarrette does not like Tucker Carlson’s questioning the citizenship of Latinos who were born here and took him to task.

I, too, find his methods repelling. He seems to invite people on his program with whom he disagrees, and rather than learning anything from the exchange, it becomes a yelling match.

His program is not the only one in which a couple of people or a whole group talk at the same time leaving the viewer with a headache at most.

Why have a program if there is no intelligible information?

It almost makes the sound of the boom, boom, boom coming from the speakers of a passing car seem pleasant.

This has nothing to do with the preceding references, but I find the new habit of assaulting each other verbally with names such as raciest to be a lazy, intellectually inadequate excuse for not thinking which leads to nothing more than further discord and perhaps even shootings.

Sincerely, Norma Christian, Raymondville