Disagreeing with Ruben Navarrette

Dear Sir: I was both saddened and informed by your essay.

I was reared in the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas by an east Texas dad and a border town mom from Del Rio. They met at UT in Austin. The first five years of my life were spent in Rochelle, LA, during WW II years.

I am forever thankful we moved to a sort of melting pot for the rest of my life.

My mother had a Latina grandmother, Joaquina Rivera, and saw some prejudice exhibited in her hometown.

In early Harlingen days, we had the influence from many segments of society because the Halingen AF Base was still operating and later Winter Texans flocked to our area escaping the frigid temperatures up north.

If my parents harbored any ill feelings they masked them well and instilled in my brother and me a respect for others based on their present behavior and attitude.

Plus, and it’s a big Plus, they were people of faith in the One True God and adhered to Christian principles. I am sorry about thoughtless comments and references made by others and pray each of us can be accepted on our individual merits.

Our nation as a whole needs revival in the worst way and I can light only one candle. Thank you for casting your own light on injustice. God bless your endeavors and our citizens of this great nation.

I pray that those who serve us in any capacity are appreciated and receive the recognition they deserve.

Sincerely, Diana Walker, Harlingen