Summer art program opens for kids

HARLINGEN — A summer art program is looking to bring out the more creative side of children.

The Harlingen Arts and Heritage Museum will host its annual kids’ art program this summer.

This month, students will be able to take classes with local artists to learn about techniques and create their own artwork.

Art program coordinator Christian Johnston said in the past the program hosted seasoned artists who have practiced their craft for decades.

This year, Johnston chose younger artists who were closer to the students’ age in order to relate to them better.

“I wanted to show them there is more than just one way of doing art,” Johnston said.

Students between the ages of 8 and 12 will have the opportunity to learn about color blending, surrealism and perception during the program.

Each week students will attend a class during the summer months and will work to create their own art pieces.

Toward the end of the program, students will have the opportunity to display their artwork in a gallery at the museum.

“They get the feel of the hard work that it takes to create a gallery showcase and the pride and joy of having their work up and saying ‘I did this,’” Johnston said.

The program has become popular and had more interest than she was expecting.

Originally, Johnston wanted to keep classes small with up to 10 students in each class to help students focus.

Due to the popularity of the program, she had to increase the number of spots in the classes to accommodate all the requests.