SAN BENITO — More than 20 five year olds chatter excitedly, raising their hands while they wait for assistance.

Tiny cheers are heard to celebrate the success of a student who has properly attached a motor to the head of a toothbrush, creating a small robot with googly eyes and colorful pipe cleaners for legs.

More than 100 gifted and talented students from kindergarten to eighth grade in San Benito are attending the week-long ENCORE summer camp that will teach students about technology, engineering, art and health.

Each day tackles a different topic with a lesson plan and a hands on activity that is appropriate for each age group.

Engaging Communities for College Readiness or ENCORE is a program developed to increase the number of students ready to enroll and complete post-secondary education.

Program innovator and development officer, Dann Garcia, said the program began in 2008 with summer camps in Edinburg and eventually spread throughout the Valley.

While the organization mostly focuses on parental involvement and training to help their students enroll in college, summer camps for the young students are particularly popular.