City summer camp to offer drone class for kids

HARLINGEN — Summer camp isn’t just about playgrounds and swing sets anymore.

For four years, Veronica Baca has taught children about robotics at the city’s summer camp.

Now, she wants to teach them about drones.

Tomorrow, city commissioners are expected to consider entering into an agreement with Baca, a media specialist and instrumental technologist at Gutierrez Middle School.

In the last four years, Baca’s summer robotics classes have become so popular the city wants her to teach a program focusing on drones, Javier Mendez, the city’s parks director, said yesterday.

“There’s real big interest,” Mendez said.

Mendez said he would like Baca to inform students about new laws and regulations governing the use of drones.

“I think this is very interesting,” he said. “I hope she covers the laws. There are a lot of new regulations that have come up.”

Baca said she is planning to teach two programs focusing on drones in July.

“I want to give students something different related to the field of computer science,” Baca said. “It’s trending in careers and the workforce.”

This summer, she wants her students to learn how drones are revolutionizing many fields.

“I’m going to teach them how to use codes to program a drone — it’s like programming a robot,” she said. “We’re going to maneuver drones through certain obstacle courses related to real world scenarios.”