Youth leadership program opens applications

HARLINGEN — Applications for the Harlingen Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership Program are now open.

Students who want to develop leadership skills can now apply for the program until Sept. 21.

The program was created through a partnership between the Harlingen Chamber of Commerce and the Harlingen school district.

Since 1994, the program has provided leadership classes throughout the school year for high achieving students in their sophomore to senior years of high school.

According to the chamber’s executive assistant Alexis Alaniz, the program is perfect for students who want that edge when applying for colleges.

“All we’re looking for is students who see potential opportunities for advancement and who are interested in leadership roles in the future,” Alaniz said.

The program is the only one of its kind in the Valley, and while it’s directed at Harlingen students, students outside the district are also welcome to apply.

The tuition fees for those who are chosen are $150 for students enrolled in HCISD and $200 for students outside the district.

After students submit their applications, only 24 students from the pool of applicants are chosen.

During the program, students will take part in six different sessions that will cover health and human services, business and education, government and criminal justices, agriculture and creativity.

Alaniz said students involved with the program will have the opportunity to mingle with business owners and community leaders and develop meaningful and professional relationships.

“It’s a good step for those wanting to make those colleges out there interested,” Alaniz said.

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