COMMENTARY: Reasoning from Navarrette

Ruben Navarrette claims to be neither Republican nor Democrat, is a native born American, often does not distinguish in titles or headlines between legal and illegal immigrants, and apparently thinks we should expect Democrats to be more supportive of both legal and illegal immigrants than are Republicans (See VMS 6/6/18).

Like most journalists, he is opinionated and claims to seek and follow truth, is highly critical of Trump at every frequently-found opportunity and sees some Democrats’ agreement(s) with some Republicans on immigrant issues to be either a bad thing or wrong. (I also am of neither party).

Although my opinion of Harry Reid is to be left in the toilet, he was not wrong to say that no country should encourage illegal immigrants to bring their children with them expecting citizenship for them.

This is the reason why the law was written to make certain that these are also illegal immigrants and will be deported.

Since Obama made it possible for some of these children to remain in the USA, it remains to be seen what Congress will ultimately determine for the future. Actually, this is already decided if Obama’s mandate is nullified by Trump.

Likewise, degenerate B. Clinton was not wrong to say that illegal immigrants take jobs that legal immigrants and citizens would do if lower paid illegals were not present. These jobs are taken by legitimate citizens and immigrants if the wage(s) for them is adequate.

Navarrette frequently says citizens will not take these jobs, but there is no evidence of this except for temporary farm labor. Likewise, it is not wrong to say that we are a nation of laws; but the only thing wrong about saying we are a nation of immigrants is that we truly are a nation of citizens, some of which are immigrants, but most are nativeborn.

We were a nation of immigrants only to possibly year 1800. Being the descendant of immigrants does not make one an immigrant.

Although Joy Reid does not deserve a reprieve, she was not wrong to say that work or labor should be performed by legally present people, (whether it has anything to do with rebuilding New Orleans or not).

If this had been at a time when not enough legal workers could be found, we have programs to bring in temporary workers legally.

Flying a Mexican flag in the USA is indeed presumptuous and insulting to many people, depending upon the conditions or context.

Who can abide Joe Biden? but he was not completely wrong to say that Mexico is a dysfunctional society, since it breeds more population than its economy can sustainably employ.

If this were not true, there would not be so many Mexicans outside of Mexico.

Cecilia Munoz, yes, our laws separate families for very good reasons; if illegal immigrants find our procedures highly uncomfortable, this should discourage them from coming here illegally.

Why would we be overly concerned about those who violate our laws? They will be given sustenance if it is indicated or requested.

Ruben knows very well that no Democrat politician will consider a Republican politician her boss, regardless of what she might say. I don’t know how Mexican immigrants were compared to cattle, but in certain context it might be applicable and even appropriate.

I see nothing wrong with local and/or state police having the discretion to assist federal law enforcement; why would they refuse, except for laziness? Brown is going against his own country on this.

And lawbreaking Hillary was not wrong to say that the invading Central American hordes should be sent back home ASAP, no matter what their age or origin.

I never know if Navarrette believes in national sovereignty or not. Why should we not have immigration laws like Mexico’s?

Jim N. Taylor is a Harlingen resident who is regularly published in the Valley Morning Star.