Continued business closings

The spiral toward bankruptcy of our city of Harlingen has now shifted into overdrive with the demise of the Valle Vista Mall.

Those driving this suicide train into the canyon in my opinion, are our esteemed city officials partying in the dining car, with Bass Pro officials and their financial genius Johnny Ripps at the throttle.

May I propose a new lottery game to try to guess which business will be next to abandon our drifting ship? I can strongly presume that it will be an outsider business that has received corporate welfare from our citizens through our elected officials.

The winner, I would suggest, could win a free five-day rental from the new U-Haul operation facility now locating in the old K-Mart building.

This new U-Haul will allow swift escape of those temporary freeloading Corp type people and other residents of the city frightened by the downslide.

The rest of us will stay behind and pay our taxes. We will stay, along with our lifelong business friends such as Johnny’s True Value, Las Vegas Café, Pepes Restaurant and so many other small businesses that have placed their skin and treasure, not mine, on the uncertain wheel of fortune.

With our limited financial resources, we will try to keep them our neighbors for a long time.

Our elected officials still have not come to their senses, in my opinion, that we in the Valley to not have the economic personal income levels to sustain unlimited retail and service facilities, versus businesses that manufacture or produce anything of substance useful to the national or international market.

Unfortunately, we in Harlingen, in my opinion, do not have the basic infrastructure resources to even hope to attract real industry – infrastructure basics such as sufficient clean water, sewer, electrical power and waste disposal.

Police and fire departments must be the best for any industry. All of these departments in Harlingen are in my opinion the best, but too few and need more with fair pay.

Look around your own neighborhoods – your streets and alleys. When was the last tie your alley was properly blade graded for proper drainage? Perhaps more than 10 years ago.

Mine has gone more than 25 years, even with constant written complaints. Perhaps I may be able to buy a cheap kayak with a Veteran discount from the Fish Barn before the next hurricane floods my alley again.

Please citizens of Harlingen, put aside the national and international politics of which we in reality have little influence and our representatives obviously do not either.

Concentrate on our local city and county commission and school boards, who are bankrupting us on wasteful projects. I, too, like luxuries, but the essentials of home come first.

Our city is like our family and priorities come first before we provide welfare to multimillion dollar corporations.

Respectfully, Elias Torres, Harlingen