Solutions to gun violence

The Issue of gun violence in America is simple. The availability of guns is high. The opportunity is high. Guns and bullets are cheap.

The people who have committed gun crimes just look for a crowd and they will look to take out their daily frustrations.

And last. This is what human beings do to each other.

For the scent of a woman, for the opportunity of easy cash, or to satisfy one of the many passions a human being has he or she will kill. This is not “rocket science” stuff. It is not a difficult thing to understand.

Look at any country where guns are easily available and that problem exist. Some people kill because they want to be famous. They want infamy.

So all you people like N. Rodriguez. Stop blaming government agencies or the government for those occurrences. We will never know who is going to go berzerk next. They come from everywhere and live next door to us.

The only thing we can do is be alert. Run or defend yourself as soon as possible. Don’t pray or coward. Act.

I would like for our government to tax the heck of the NRA. Sue them for a lot of money. If NRA member or gun user commits a crime sue them.

Tax the bullet makers $10 for every bullet they make.

The government should license private gun and bullet makers. It won’t stop the stupidity but opportunity and availability will go down.

We will guard our guns and bullets like gold.

Santiago Perez, San Benito