Idea Academy student heading to Cornell University

SAN BENITO — Jessica Morales is ready to get on a big jet plane, toward her future.

The 18-year-old from San Benito worked her way into an Ivy League university and is proud to now call her new home-away-from-home Cornell University.

She plans to study industrial labor relations.

After she was courted on an all-expense paid trip to visit the school she fell in love with the campus and atmosphere.

It was not her dream school, but now she is proud to say she plans to be a 2023 Cornell graduate.

It has always been her dream to spread her wings and travel out of state to go to school.

Now she will make that dream reality when she heads to Ithaca, New York, for summer school to get a head start on hitting the books at the college Ivy League level.

“Home is not ready to let me go,” Jessica said. “But my parents are so proud to say I’m going to Cornell.”

She said she is going to college because it’s going to get her where she wants to be in life.

Jessica said she has aspirations of becoming a Texas senator and possibly going to law school after graduation.

“I know I’m going to have to study more,” Jessica said. “I will be in the library every day.”

She plans to look into participating in student government, intramural sports and staying warm during the winter.

“I love international relations and dealing with issues on a broader scale,” Jessica said. “I plan to make a mark in this world.”

Jessica’s high school accomplishments

•National Honor Society member

•AP Scholar

•Founding student at Idea Academy – San Benito

•Texas Scholar

•Blood donor

•Honors student