Mobile workforce unit coming to San Benito

SAN BENITO — It’s back.

After being deployed to Corpus Christi for more than six months, the Workforce Mobile Lab is back in Cameron County.

The mobile lab that works year-round to provide accessible resources for the unemployed has been stationed in Corpus Christi since September to help Hurricane Harvey victims find job placement in the aftermath of the destruction.

Now, back in the county, the mobile lab unit has been repaired and cleaned to help the residents of Cameron County.

Luciana Morales from Workforce Solutions said the department has been working since May to identify sites within different communities that would most benefit from the mobile unit.

Some residents are unable to access reliable transportation and visit one of the Workforce Solution centers.

The mobile unit helps the center get in contact with those residents.

“There are many communities that are underserved,” Morales said. “There are residents that have difficulty accessing one of our centers.”

Workforce Solutions currently only has two centers in Brownsville and Harlingen.

The mobile unit is one of only nine in the state and allows them to reach smaller communities such as Santa Rosa and Primera.

“These services are important,” Morales said.

The organization is trying to establish consistency within the communities.

During the month of May, Workforce Solutions has been trying to find various partners throughout the county for a place to park at a set time and date for a three-month stint.

Depending on the interest in the area, the mobile unit’s schedule could be increased.

While on the unit, residents will be able to receive help creating and perfecting their resume.

A variety of resources are provided on the mobile lab such as English-language training and typing courses.

Residents will be able to meet with a specialist to help them with the job search, however the mobile lab does not provide case management.


WHERE: Cameron County Corrections, 2380 W Bus Highway 77, San Benito

WHEN: Every first Tuesday of the month

TIME: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

WHERE: Dollar Tree, 850 W Highway 77, Suite A, San Benito

WHEN: Every third Tuesday of the month

TIME: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

WHERE: San Benito Public Library, 101 W. Rose Street

WHEN: Every second Friday of the month

TIME: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.