San Benito Schools’ 2017-2018 retirees have dedicated nearly 1,500 years of combined service and commitment to public education, the children of San Benito, and the departments and programs of the district.

This school year’s retirees, including their respective years in education and role with the district, are the following:

• Angela G. Leal Elementary: Martha Mendez, 25, Food Service Assistant;

• Athletics Department: Yolanda Gonzalez, 33, Secretary;

• Berta Cabaza Middle School: Manolita Sanchez, 40, Teacher, Math;

• Building & Grounds Department: Daniel Leal, 21, Supervisor, Athletic Fields / IPM Apps; Cirildo Piñon, 31, Plumber II;

• Career & Technical Education: Hector M. Rendón, 32, Director;

• Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary: Maria C. Camacho, 31, Instructional Aide I, Kinder; Rosa Fonseca, 38, Nurse – RN; Cesar Martinez, 23, Teacher, Elementary, 5th Grade;

• Ed Downs Elementary: Maria L. Esparza, 29, Custodian; Nelda D. Gonzalez, 26, Site Coordinator – After School Program; Marta E. Martinez, 31, Assistant Principal, Elementary;

• Central Office: Rebeca Vera, 35, Secretary – Elementary Education; Margot Torres, 30, Executive Director of Human Resources; Mary Julia Treviño, 30, Director of Professional Development; Blanca J. Gonzalez, 23, Insurance Specialist – Human Resources; Dora D. Martinez, 14, Clerk – Tax Office; Berta Esparza, 19, Accounting Specialist – Finance & Operations; Renna D. Shafer, 28, Secretary – Secondary Education; Juanita Gil, 37, Attendance Officer – Parental Involvement;

• Frank Roberts Elementary: Adriana Lopez, 29, Teacher, Bilingual, 5th Grade; Alfonso M. Ochoa, 20, Custodian; Guillermo Tovias, 27, Lead Custodian;

• Fred Booth Elementary: Rosie Corbeil, 29, Teacher, Bilingual, 3rd Grade; Patricia Ann Vela, 27, Teacher, Bilingual, 4th Grade; Elda S. Cuellar, 23, Teacher, Bilingual, Pre-Kinder; Juan Perez, 19, Custodian; Joe Piñon, 18, Custodian; Catalina H. Rodriguez, 17, Custodian;

• Gateway to Graduation Academy: Elizabeth Teran, 15, Teacher, English;

• Joe Callandret Positive Redirection Center: Julian Gonzalez, 29, Teacher, Science; Juan Romeros, 36, Teacher, Social Science;

• La Encantada Elementary: Rogelio Becerra, 18, Custodian; Sylvia Gonzalez, 31, Instructional Aide I, Kinder; Rosa Maria Ortiz, 43, Food Service Assistant;

• Landrum Elementary: Deborah A. Torres, 28, Nurse – RN;

• Miller Jordan Middle School: Valerie Edwards, 22, Teacher, History; Cynthia Ratliff, 28, Clerk – Counselor;

• Rangerville Elementary: Juan R. Cantu, 49, Teacher, Bilingual, 1st Grade; Deborah K. Kelly, 30, Teacher, Elementary, Fine Arts;

• San Benito High School: Maria Janet Evans, 21, Teacher, All Level, Art; Anna Garcia, 36, Counselor; Guadalupe M. Hernandez, 34, Teacher, Physics; Brian J. Powell, 36, Teacher, Math; Thomas A. Treviño, 24, Dean of Instruction;

• San Benito Riverside Middle School: Rosie Loredo, 35, Food Service Assistant;

• San Benito Veterans Memorial Academy: Samuel Mendez, 36, Dean of Instruction; Rosendo Ochoa, 11, Custodian; Sandra Quiroz, 37, Teacher, Spanish;

• SBCISD Police Department: Santiago R. Garcia, 15, Chief of Police; and

• Transportation Department: Juan J. Zuñiga, 26, Bus Driver.

The retirees’ steadfast service in their respective roles has played a significant part in the district’s goals, vision, and plans to become the gold standard in all areas of public education.

Congratulations, retirees!