Tropical wave growing in Caribbean Sea

Forecasters are keeping their eyes on the Caribbean Sea where an area of showers and thunderstorms are taking form.

The National Hurricane Center says the storms are coming together with a tropical wave northeast of Venezuela and a surface trough just east of Nicaragua.

They don’t’ expect the area to develop into much over the next couple of days because of the landmass in Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula.

But once the storms move into the Gulf of Mexico later this week there is a possibility of the development of a tropical system. Right now there’s a 20-percent chance some type of storm will form.

The National Weather Service in Brownsville says rain is in the forecast for the Rio Grande Valley later this week. From as little as 20-percent on Wednesday to a 40-percent chance of showers through the weekend.

In the Pacific Ocean, forecasters are watching Hurricane Bud which is now a category 3 storm. It is expected to move towards Baja California by the weekend as a tropical depression and then into northwest Mexico. Tropical Depression Aletta is moving further west across the Pacific with no warnings or watches.