Local schools will be seeing repairs

HARLINGEN — Parking lots and sidewalks at several schools will soon get a new look.

The Harlingen school district has awarded a contract to Pederson Construction to perform repairs at three elementary schools and a middle school, said Oscar Tapia, assistant superintendent for district operations.

“At Bonham they are doing driveway repair form the teacher’s parking lot,” Tapia said. “It’s being resurfaced because it’s full of potholes.”

He said just repairing potholes wouldn’t fix the problem because the underlying base of caliche and other materials is failing.

“The potholes would keep forming,” he said.

Curbs and broken sidewalks at Travis Elementary will also be repaired and certain transit areas will get new asphalt.

“At Milam there are low areas that hold water when it rains,” he said.

Work will be done to redirect water from areas where children walk, he added.

Drainage work will also be done at Vernon Middle School.

Repair and Construction

WHERE: Bonham, Milam and Travis Elementary schools and Vernon Middle School 

WHO: Pederson Construction

WHEN: June 25 to Aug. 10

COST: $178,791 in TRE funds