NFL decision is about business

Mr. Guillermo Barrientes expressed with clarity his admiration for the country and the flag for which it stands. He also pointed out that many show little respect or concern when they fail to pay attention or even to be quiet during the National Anthem or the presentation of the flag.

They do this with impunity for there is no penalty for their actions. He then questions why Colin Kaepernick should be singled out by the NFL and the public for what he sees as a statement rather than a lack of respect although the action does not sit well with him either.

Mr. Barrientes makes a good case for the First Amendment and seeks to show that this right has been withheld from Colin by the NFL. However, in finding the NFL at fault for not allowing that right to Colin Koepernick is disregarding the relationship of the NFL to Colin and the public.

The NFL is in the entertainment business (through sports) and Colin is an employee/ performer. While he is on the job, he acts according to their rules or he may be looking for another job.

We see this everyday with dress codes and other rules and requirements of the employer. Colin has not lost his First Amendment rights, he is simply told that he is not to express them on their nickel, and their nickel has been an issue as his behavior has cost them money: not just his team but the NFL as a whole.

There have been other players who have wanted to advertise or bring to the public eye worthy causes for non profit organizations, and that privilege has been withheld.

The NFL drew the line before they became an advertising firm for everyone’s favorite cause or charity. (Their paying advertisers would probably draw a line on that as well.) Why should Colin believe that he should be an exception?

Businesses have been picketed by the public for the opinions or actions of the owners and have even forced some owners out of business, but why should the owner be expected to risk his business for the opinion or action of an employee?

Colin needed to choose a different means for advancing his cause to achieve a more positive outcome.

Sincerely, Norma Christian, Raymondville