HARLINGEN — Bold patches of blaze orange, apple red and jungle green appeared in the spaces created by Kaylee David’s random imagination.

Actually there was nothing random about it, or perhaps random with a purpose. But Kaylee, 12, and her fellow art students had deliberately created wandering lines on a page in an activity called “Scribble Art.”

“I just put what looks good on the paper using different shades and tints and colors,” she said.

Kaylee expressed a developed interest in art, but the scribble art activity Saturday at the Harlingen Arts and Culture Museum had just taught her a new technique.

It was part of the museum’s “Summer Art Program – Inspiration for the New Generation,” said Christian Johnston, director.

“We’re trying to show there are different art forms than just the ones they are teaching in school,” Johnston said. “We want them to appreciate what’s out there.”

She said the children were learning color blending and color blocking, and later in the day they’d learn about surrealism.

“The next one after that is going to be perspective,” she added.

Gab Carlson was also enjoying the activity.

“We get a marker and just scribble around,” said Gab, 11.

And what would he be doing if not for the day’s activity?

“Probably hanging out at my house,” he said. The art session was definitely the better deal, he said.

His mother Brianna Carlson, who home schools her children, agreed.

“We try to do a lot of art-based work,” she said.

She and several mothers sat outside while some children took a break to play Red Rover outside.

“I love it here,” she said. “It’s fun to see other kids doing what they’re doing.”

This was the first time Christine Newman brought her son Roman, 8, to the activity.

“I like to see him interacting with other children,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kaylee was taking advantage of the chance to improve her artistic ability.

“I’m practicing with a steady hand,” she said.

Johnston said the program will continue until the end of June. The children’s artwork will be on display July 7 at a time to be determined later.

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