I prefer peaceful protests

To all the patriots of America: Keep on saluting the flag and sing when the Star Spangle Banner is being played. But also remember this.

This is America. This is the land of the free, the lazy, the stupid, the irresponsible, and all those passion that belong to the human being. This is the land of all the government freebees to non-Americans. This is why we have a new migration of a large part of foreigners.

I agree that all of us should show respect to the flag and everything it stands for.

But also remember this, the opposite of a peaceful protest is violence. Would you like for protestors in America to set off bombs and promote killings. I rather see the KKK demonstrate with a swastika in peace than with violence.

Being prejudice is just one of those additional passions we all have.

If every American would take a knee in protest of something rather setting of a bomb and kill someone I am all for the kneeing. I don’t have to agree with them.

Here is the ironic part, the guy that goes on the air and say, “get that son of a b….” and

“get him out of there” is the guy who applied for and received five military deferments. He was supposed to serve during the Vietnam War era. He has been elected President. I wonder if anyone died in his place.

So don’t allow others to yank your chain. Chucky The Fuhrer looks for “the anger buttons” in the American people and promotes that.

He is the guy that is the current President of the United States of America. He learned to harness hate. If you join him you know where you stand.

Santiago Perez, San Benito