Stay poor and illiterate

Poverty is meaningless to all open borders, globalist, Socialist Democratic politicians like Filemon Vela, as well as to many globalist GOPe politicians like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, etc.

Don’t let anyone kid you. Open borders, massive amounts of legal and illegal immigration are mainly about money.

Lastly increasing the population also means adding congressional districts and more liberal representation to further the Godless, anything goes, liberal Democratic Socialist party agenda.

From 1970 to 2016, the Valley’s population increased by about one million. Where did all these new residents come from?

According to a 2016 KRGV article, almost 45 percent of Cameron County residents and almost 450,000 RGV residents live at or below the poverty line. What’s the goal Mr. Vela?

A million RGV residents living in poverty would mean more votes for an anti-America, open borders, Democratic Socialist as yourself, wouldn’t it?

The cheap labor express means more profits and combined, likely saves globalist billionaire investors, big and small businesses, and even mom and pop businesses, $100s of billions, if not trillions of dollars.

The cheap labor express also adds tens of millions of taxpayer subsidized consumers (Medicaid or “free” emergency room visits, food stamps, etc) for the wealthy.

As always, when there is an abundance of unskilled and semiskilled workers, wages will remain low and stagnant.

Hard working Hispanics and African-Americans that are trying to better themselves are also the ones that bear the brunt of subsidizing cheap immigrant labor.

Then there’s the school districts in the Valley and across America that receive from $7,000 to $10,000 per student per year. Where they come from seems to matter little to anyone.

Nevermind that academic achievement in America lags behind numerous other countries.

In Detroit, for decades a Democratic Socialist party stronghold, almost 50 percent of the adult population is “functionally illiterate.”

In Chicago, another Democratic Socialist stronghold, the unemployment rate for young black males is over 40 percent.

But Sen. Dick Durbin, D-IL., has stated that he is totally focused on helping DREAMERS. Evidently DREAMERS are more important to Sen. Durbin than unemployed African-Americans.

An often used definition of insanity: repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Insanity synonyms; madness, lunacy, foolishness.

Stay poor and illiterate; keep voting along with Godless Socialists that hate America.

Lord wills next time, the billions of dollars spent to house and resettle newly arrived legal and illegal immigrants. Insane.

N. Rodriguez, Harlingen