Children beat the rain with Zumba class at Boys and Girls Club

SAN BENITO — In a large gym, boys and girls are separated on opposite sides with a dance teacher in the middle instructing children as Sia’s “Cheap Thrills,” plays in the background.

Those from the Boys and Girls Club of San Benito resumed their week of healthy activities yesterday after the club had closed Wednesday due to the inclement weather.

This week is known as health week and contained activities that centered around the common theme.

Themed weeks are the latest initiative being put into place at the Boys and Girls Club.

Each week during the summer, a theme is announced that will contain planned activities related to that theme.

Activity coordinator Victor Hernandez said the themed weeks have provided structure to the club and has given children and workers something to look forward to each week.

“Themed weeks made it more structured,” Hernandez said. “This year we actually sat down and planned out everything. It made it easier.”

Before, Hernandez said activities were not planned ahead, which made it difficult to get the kids excited.

While the club was closed on Wednesday, it continued its healthy week that began Monday with cooking classes and relay races.

Dance instructor and volunteer Gina Palacios stopped by Yesterday to provide a fun and simple dance lesson.

Younger children stood close and crowded the instructor attempting to keep up with the dance moves being performed.

“I like it,” said Isaiah de Leon, 15, “It’s pretty cool. I like how everyone is active and it helps get the energy out.”

Hernandez said there have been movement tournaments in the game room and cooking classes to teach the children how to substitute healthier ingredients into their meals.

“When I told them it was healthy living week, they were skeptical but I haven’t heard a complaint yet,” Hernandez said.

Children were also able to make their own healthy smoothies and made snacks that included celery and peanut butter.

“They’re really outgoing people here so they always make it to where we have fun,” Jayda Juarez, 12, said.

What healthy activities have the children done

• Cooking classes on how to substitute healthier ingredients into everyday meals

• Smoothie making

• Zumba lessons

• Relay races