Cruz stance

Regarding the story written by Lorenzo Zazueta-Castro “Border Leaders: What’s Next?” I think it is important to provide some additional information.

I have no issue with the factual basis of what was reported, but I believe important facts to provide context were omitted.

Mayor Boswell is quoted as saying, “They were clearly very opposed to the separation of families … ” While Sen. Cornyn had remained quiet on the issue, Sen. Cruz had on June 11 made this statement: “So when you see reporters, when you see Democrats saying don’t separate kids from their parents, what they’re really saying is don’t arrest illegal aliens,” I’m confident that statement is not one that shows a “very opposed” position by Sen. Cruz. Also, the rationale Sen. Cruz used in the interview to support his stance has been widely viewed by legal scholars, such as Denise Gilman from the University of Texas School of Law, as false.

Her words: “Absolutely not.”

Given that the Senator came to the RGV 11 days later and gave the impression that Mayor Boswell drew, I thought it imperative to flesh-out the Senator’s position for the people of the RGV.

Michael Nicholson La Feria