Confused by another letter writer

Juan Gonzalez wrote, “… (abortion) is deplored by most of us …”.

That is a very strange statement from an ardent supporter of the Godless Democratic Socialist party.

That’s like a German in the early 1940s saying, “I deplore the atrocities taking place at the concentration camps, but I fully support Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.”

Hypocrisy at its finest. Are you for real, Mr. Gonzalez?

Please, sir, are you confused? Are you senile? Don’t you know that Wendy Davis, the last Democratic Socialist candidate for governor of Texas, was as much for the right to butcher the unborn as any Godless American has ever been?

For your information Mr. Gonzalez, for decades now, most Republicans have been trying to place restrictions on abortion.

Gov. Greg Abbott, most Republicans, most Evangelical Christians, along with the Catholic Church, vehemently oppose taxpayer funded abortion on demand.

The Lord Himself “blurts” (a Juan Gonzalez word), “Choose Life” Christ blurts, “I have come that they might have life.”

Christ didn’t come to give anyone the right to butcher the unborn.

How in the world do those that call themselves “Christians” support the dismembering or sucking the brains out of over 60 million unborn babies?

Please, that is sick and evil.

In the days of Moses birth, Pharaoh commanded that newborn Hebrew males in Egypt be killed. Likewise, Herod in his effort to kill the “King of the Jews” ordered the killing of young males in Judea.

Combined, the total number of young males killed by these butchers is very likely dwarfed by the over 60 million unborn babies that have been slaughtered at American abortion facilities.

So then, Juan Gonzalez, do Godless Democratic Socialists like yourself “have blood on their hands” for over 60 million unborn babies being butchered?

And once again I ask you and all “Christian” Democratic Socialist party supporters a very simple question, is it God’s will for 60 million unborn babies to be taken out of their mothers’ wombs in pieces and for their body parts to then be sold? Yes? No?

On a different note, how many times has Juan Gonzalez written about Barry Sotoro’s (aka Barack Hussein Obama) “booming economy”?

Is that what you refer to as “brown nosing,” Mr Gonzalez? Aren’t you being hypocritical again to criticize someone with name calling for supposedly doing what you yourself do on a regular basis?

Then there’s Juan Gonzalez’ other ridiculous statements like, “(Obama’s) term did not end until November 30 of this past year.”

Does that qualify as someone being totally uninformed (ignorant)? Does that qualify as the blind leading the blind?

If Juan Gonzalez does not know something as basic as the day presidential inaugurations are held, how in the world would he know about the Federal Reserve’s QE 1, QE 2, QE 3, and the Fed keeping interest rates near zero for 8 years to sustain Obama’s disastrous economic policies?

And what about the debt being doubled from about $10 trillion to almost $20 trillion during the “great one’s” eight years, Mr Gonzalez?

Oh yeah, I forgot, Obama had a “booming economy.” Sorry!

Then there’s the Juan Gonzalez riddles: “N. Rodriguez keeps blurting out Socialism, like it fits only the Democrats, when most of the poorest Republican states, with over 40% white welfare recipients, capitalize on his statement.”

Huh? Can someone translate that?

I guess Juan Gonzalez, like most Leftists, disagrees with my Democratic Socialist party moniker.

The reality is that his hero, Bernie Sanders, is a self-avowed Socialist/ Communist.

For those of you that care about what type of society your descendants will live in and to get an idea of how our Constitutional Republic is morphing into a Socialist/Communist nation, Google, “the 10 planks of Communism” and read some of the articles.

The 10 planks of Communism are taken from Friedrich Engels’ and Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto.”

N. Rodriguez, Harlingen