PRIMERA — Matthew Gonzalez knows all about fireworks, and especially the ones that explode high in the sky and end with a big bang.

He began selling fireworks as a kid and has managed the Mr. G’s Fireworks warehouse in Primera since 2015.

“Buy the Excalibur. It is the best quality and gives the biggest bang for your buck,” Matthew said. “It’s by far the loudest.”

But that is not the only larger-than-life firework he has for sale.

The warehouse is stocked wall-to-wall with fireworks to celebrate the nation’s Independence Day with a blast.

There are 200- and 500-gram fireworks cakes named T-Rex, Fire and Fury, The Big Dog, Missile Shield and Lightning Rooster, to name a few from the large selection.

“Normally our top sellers are the Excalibur and the Goliath,” Matthew said.

But he has one package worth $500 called the Godfather filled with fireworks to spend the evening exploding and lighting the night sky away with a bang.

Matthew spent yesterday morning slashing prices and offering deals on some of the biggest and best fireworks available to the public.

Customers began trickling in by noon as he prepared for the wave of customers he says will come today.

One of his first customers, Ryan Smille, scanned the selection for something big before carrying the Diablo out of the warehouse with a smile.

His niece Mia, 5, hand picked her favorites and also grabbed a value pack for kids that she carried out.

“I’m shopping for pretty fireworks,” Mia said.

She walked along the isle with her grandmother picking smoke bombs and bottle rockets to try out for the first time.

Matthew said even though its fun popping big fireworks, there is always the need to be cautious and safe when blasting fireworks.

“Always have an adult present and some water near by to put out a fire,” Matthew said. “Don’t experiment and don’t try to relight malfunctioning fireworks.”






Fire and Fury