A response to letter writer’s hate

Mr. Santiago Perez, I tried really hard to figure out what you were trying to say in your latest letter. I really did. I was confused from the very beginning. Your fourth sentence “Now I think I understanding.” left me saying “Huh?” to myself.

You wrote: “With the separation of the families who are coming to the United States illegally we are one door away from the gas chambers for this people.” It really baffles me that you continue to make the comparison between President Trump and Adolph Hitler. One was a mass murderer who is responsible for millions of peoples’ deaths. To my knowledge, our president has not murdered even one person. Please, please study your history.

The idea which you are really glossing over is that the American people would allow the use of “gas chambers” to murder the people who are coming over illegally.

Regardless of our past American history, I don’t believe the American people today would permit such a horrible thing. I think you owe all of the American people an apology for suggesting it.

Also, the Jews were not in Germany illegally. They had been living there for centuries. For that matter, they were not in France, Poland, or Belgium illegally either. They were taken from those

places and sent to the concentration/death camps. They were far from undesirable. When taken away from their homes, their property was confiscated, their businesses were taken over, their bank accounts were also taken.

They were systematically robbed.

Even their clothes were taken from them before they were gassed. After death, those with gold teeth were robbed of that gold. No, they were not murdered because they were undesirable. They were murdered because they were Jews.

Yes, your suggestion that we (the United States of America) are one door away from the gas chambers is, in my opinion, a presumptuous and a hateful one.

Another quote from your letter: “Today we are detaining many people who are being labeled undesirable.” The people who are being detained are not being labeled as undesirable nor are they being detained because “someone” has labeled them undesirable.

They are being detained because they violated/broke our immigration law and entered this country illegally. If a country, any country, does not enforce its immigration law, than that country effectively has no immigration law.

We have an immigration law; our President is trying to enforce it. If you do not like his efforts, then communicate that to your Congressman

and Senators.

They appear to be happy with it since they have not changed it in all the years and years which they have had to do it! Also, President Obama was happy with it; he used it to deport more than two million illegal aliens.

He only lightened up on this during the latter part of his administration. That reminds me, how come you never complained when he was “enforcing” it?

Now, as to the so called “Old Chinese Curse,” I researched it as well as I could, but could not find any evidence anywhere that there really is such a curse in China. There may be, but right now I doubt it. As for interesting times, yes, we are living in interesting times.

The generations before ours also lived in interesting times, times of danger, times of peace, times of opportunities, times of economic upheavals, and many other times. I suppose interesting times could be considered a curse.

I suggest they could also be considered a blessing. Anyway, you closed your letter with the thought that “hate is the curse.”

I agree, hate is a curse. Please stop hating our President. Just try “disliking” him instead.

Guillermo Barrientes, Harlingen