COMMENTARY: Our Cold War is now a Civil War?


After WWII, we were faced with the “Cold War” between the USA and the Soviet Union, which brought us the fears of a nuclear confrontation from which the possible loser could have been America.

We feared the prospect of massive radiation sicknesses and the loss of our socioeconomic system of freedom to communism (the ultimate socialism).

That cold war from without has been converted to one from within. We are still afraid of collectivism: 1) We fear loss of our Constitution to a majority who believe it is a living document to be changed at the whim of a majority. These have forgotten (never been taught) that we live in a Constitutional Republic; that we were never a democracy ruled by the majority.

If we lose one more conservative judge or justice on our National Supreme Court, we possibly will have lost our Constitution; 2) We fear tribalism, where we withdraw into factions within which people listen only to their own beliefs. The Left dominates by threat of violence and shouting and everyone else is accused of supremacism or Nazism, driven down to permit them to move progressive liberalism forward. Every

issue is one that they alone must be permitted to win; 3) We fear the power of Government which has become as a giant squid, having its tentacles in every facet of our lives. If I wanted to live like the people in San Francisco, I’d move there; but please don’t enact national laws for them and make me live in Texas like they do in San Francisco; don’t smother my every initiative with regulations or welfare; 4) We fear our moral decline as a nation. When we lose our virtue, we will be ready to surrender our liberties; and a behemoth government will be there to take them.

I watch successive younger generation lose their principles, manners, virtues of every kind (especially honesty with self as well as others); and this is shown by the kind of politicians they elect; it shows in their rudeness both online and on the street (listen to their language), shallow hedonism and whoring for fame, and a softness like snowflakes that ill-prepares them for what is ahead.

Our Republic would not now survive a challenge such as WWII or our first Civil War. It would not even survive another great depression such as of 1929-1941. With gadgetry and imaginary identity, we are amusing ourselves to death.

5) We fear the Debt: Our fiscal condition is on a certain path toward the cliff of bankruptcy. When borrowed money stops flowing into the country, and entitlements fail, the nation breaks apart as the economy fails; a frustrated entitlement

mentality will destroy us totally; 6) We fear the loss of our culture: We don’t control our borders. We worship diversity and multiculturism in our most divided culture in history.

Most Americans have never heard of the legions of people on the internet who have millions of fans or followers. We don’t have a shared love of anybody or anything; we disagree between socialism and capitalism; on religion(s) which are/not compatible with America; on whether the Constitution is permanent law; 7) We fear gun grabbing; It was just a matter of time before the p. liberals chose to ignore the 2nd amendment and push for confiscation of all firearms.

The logistics of accomplishing this in a nation with so many millions of unrecorded firearms already distributed freely since the mid-1700s while being opposed by those who still believe in the rule of law has apparently never been considered.

Conservatives would properly see this as the use of force against the citizenry outside of the ruling document of this Constitutional Republic; and the beginning link in a long chain in losses of freedoms. These would organize a Constitutional resistance, but the amount of blood spilled might be catastrophic.

Jim N. Taylor is a Harlingen resident who is often published in the Valley Morning Star.