Who pays her?

In case you missed it.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders who works as spokesperson for Chuck The Fuhrer said she was refused service and asked to leave from a restaurant because she worked for Trump aka by me as Chuck the Fuhrer.

Let’s get this straight. Mrs. Sanders does not

work for Chucky The Fuhrer. She works for us. The American taxpayers. She should check again where her paycheck comes from.

She works under Chucky the Fuhrer but paid by us.

She was refused service because she lies for her boss who is a known liar. She does not have the courage to say the truth no manner what. She protects the liar and law breakers no matter what.

She is in it for the paycheck. I think she would be a prefect “Hit woman.” Truth and justice do not matter for her. Money does. She would probably break all the other commandments for the right price.

She is now part of the swamp we the American people do not want.

How can we trust anything that comes from her mouth if everything she says is mixed with lies.

That’s why she was refused service.

The lady that refused her has courage and moral values in the right place.

Mrs. Sanders was kind enough to comply. I give her that.

Santiago Perez, San Benito