Helping veterans

We are in the midst of an election which can affect many veterans. I have offered Dr. Rey Gonzalez to help him in his congressional office against F. Vela. I do not like to come out, but I offered Vela the same but he would not even talk to me.

I know how to fight theVA and how to stop the abuse of veterans.With the help of all the veterans in our area we can do it. I had been out of pocket for a few years due to health reasons. Those

of you who have received my help know I try hard against the VA. The clinic is removing all the mean-spirited employees.

I do not know how many veterans are having with travel pay but they have not paid me because they do not want to. It is their way of establish their dominance over veterans. I cannot mention any issues because the one thing I can do is how to circumvent theVA’s nonsense.

Fred Lane is one of the guys who work in the travel pay department he works under

Efren, I do not know the last name. Understand, I said we need to talk about it. Another ways to stop the disdain of the Harlingen Clinic is to get the persons name and we can file a complaint against doctors, clerks, and nurses. I have filed complaints about several physicians. if you have a problem and need help you can contact me at 956-622-1018.

Fred Rendon, Harlingen