We will get through Trump

Mr. Guillermo Barrientes, after I read your letter, I noticed an article in the news where thousands of Military recruits were being discharge for being immigrants. They are Mexicans, Brazilians, and from many other countries of the world.

This has never happened before. At no time in history have individuals been kicked out of the military because they were immigrants. Immigrants have been serving our country since 1775. This is all “Chucky the Fuhrer” doing. He forgets that immigrants built this country.

In defense of Adolf Hitler he never killed anyone. There is no record of him personally killing anybody. All the killing was done by the patriots of Germany by his influence.

Hilter was able to get elected because he used the discord of the country and blame others for the German problems. He repeated

to the German people that he was going to “make Germany great again.” He was bringing about the Third Reich. Sound familiar?

I fear only the witless patriots of America who do not believe that America is great as it is. We might be going through some changes but I am sure will get through this.

Now back to the illegal aliens, America has the capability to have jet planes at our local airports ready to fly these people back to wherever they come from. They can be registered and flown back in a matter of days. Papa, Mama, and children can be flown back for less money than the cost of allowing them in.

But there are other considerations that the average American citizen does not have an inkling of the advantages of having the smart or uneducated people come to this country. But that’s for another day.

This is very interesting. At first this administration

told us they had about two thousand children in child custody. Now they are saying they have over three thousand children. Maybe they have more?

It is a known fact that Chucky the Fuhrer is a liar. By repeating and believing what he says makes us all liars to the rest of the world.

I don’t hate Chucky the Fuhrer. I don’t like him. I don’t like him because of the “content of his character.”

I know his history. I know his doings. People should read his real history not just what he taunts.

The billion dollars he has, the orange hair, and the other things he flaunts do not impress me.

By the way in England he is called a “wasteman.” It’s slang for a man who lacks merit and maturity.

Santiago Perez San Benito