Cardiac Rehab team aims to not only help patients, but prevent future cardiac disease

HARLINGEN/ BROWNSVILLE— After being faced with a heart attack or heart condition, getting back to your routine life can seem very daunting. The Cardiac Rehab team at Valley Baptist Health system can help you get back to the everyday activities and the quality of life you enjoy.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness Program focuses on improving and implementing lifestyle changes for those dealing with coronary artery disease, those at risk for developing heart disease, or after episodes such as a heart attack, bypass surgery or other heart related conditions.

“The process of recovery can be a difficult journey, not just physically, but emotionally,” said Randy Townley, Director of Cardiac Rehab Services for Valley Baptist-Harlingen.

“Our goal is to improve our patient’s quality of life, elevate strength and endurance and increase overall energy and self-confidence.”

The rehabilitation program is coordinated by a multi-disciplinary team, who educates and tracks each patient’s progress and recovery through nutrition counseling, heart-healthy education and supervised fitness sessions.

The program aims to not only rehabilitate patients, but prevent future cardiac disease and promote better sense of well-being.

It also provides mental and physiological longterm education and support program to continue to help you make healthy changes and maintain a full an active lifestyle.

To learn more about cardiac rehabilitation, visit cardiac-rehabilitation.