COMMENTARY: Trump extends life of the Constitution


The recent appointment of B. Cavanaugh to the SCOTUS by President Trump, along with his earlier similar appointment to that body, will preserve the life of our Constitution for at least another 30 to 40 years.

It is well known that the previous appointment to the Supreme court of Justices who were/are progressive liberals has made it possible for Libs to circumvent the Constitution and thus nullify its content without going through the process of amendment that such document permits: This is fact which cannot be “debunked,” as M. Nicholson (VMS 07/11/18 Opinion) would like to pretend.

When the Court declares rights not written into the original Constitution, this makes it possible to lose the Constitution as our permanent governing document. I am certain that Nicholson knows this, but wishes to push the liberal narrative, as most RGV folks do.When the court is composed of mostly conservative Justices, the majority controls and contains the efforts of the Libs to destroy it.

The rights declared by the court that are not contained in the written Constitution are those which belong within the control of the States or the People.When the Supreme Court meddles in these matters, it usurps the rights of the States or the People.

The Constitution did not mention things such as the right to abort babies, the right to call same-sex unions marriage, the right to form labor unions – and many other so called rights allowed by the Court to stand.

Here they stuck their nose into the People’s and the States’ business and thus began the destruction of our Constitution, a little piece at a time. If a right is assumed which is paid for by someone else or reduces the freedoms of others unnecessarily, it is not a right; it is a wrong!

The amendment giving Congress and SCOTUS the power to intervene in or regulate interstate commerce was clearly to prevent trade barriers of any kind between the various States; but the Court conveniently interprets this to allow the Federal government and the Court to eliminate all States Rights which would leave each and every State the power to maintain its own culture and power of decision over more private matters.

This statist or collectivist interpretation of the law would not have been made by a Conservative and Constitutionally composed SCOTUS.

These truths are what has the Dems/ Libs ticked off so much at this moment that they will not now be able to ignore the Constitution for many years; but, of course they will try!

Progressive liberals hate absolutes and inescapable realities of nature and human nature represented by the Constitution, the principles of which never change, regardless of the passing of time. It is not a “living” document to be changed at the whim of a bare majority.

Amending the Constitution is a difficult job for a very strong majority; for this we are indeed thankful to the founders.

We sincerely hope that the Libs are not able to thwart Trumps appointed candidate for the Court because it gives me great pleasure to see the scrambling and swarming they are performing in their hate for limits the Constitution places on them. I will dance a gleeful jig if Cavanagh is confirmed as I think of the sour faces the Libs will still be making.

Yes, I am biased, toward what was written into the Constitution and I am biased against the Libs. Definition of progressive liberalism: The degeneration of a culture through the legitimization and/or the normalization of deviate behavior.

More on Nicholson later.

Jim N. Taylor is a Harlingen resident who regularly writes to the Valley Morning Star.