Breath of fresh air

I hope the large majority of VMS readers agree that Frank Garcia’s July 15 letter to the editor was a breath of fresh air.

I have lived all over the U.S., and have always read newspaper letters as a barometer of that area’s political thought. I have lived in Houston, L.A. area twice, Chicago area twice, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and central Pennsylvania.

Although I am as strong a proponent as you’ll ever find of the 1st Amendment, I believe ‘off the scale’ name-calling of our President, or any other public figure, is simply an excuse for an inability to form a logical argument. It’s distracting at best, and just plain irritating and a waste of time.

That brings me to the subject of our current President Donald J.

Trump. I realize I have returned to my beloved Harlingen where I was raised at a time the area votes heavily Democrat in national elections.

That was true as well when I grew up in the 1950s, but the face of the Democrat Party then was John F.

Kennedy, not Bernie Sanders or even Barack H. Obama. It was so different. Donald Trump is clearly not out of Hollywood casting as a President.

He’s not a career politician, and it shows. Nevertheless, he hit a responsive chord with the American voter in 2016 when he addressed head on their concerns.

It helped that he ran against one of the worst candidates ever for the nation’s highest office, who believed her highly paid, sycophant advisers that she had won the election with months left in the campaign and could stay out of sight.

You have a right to say it, but I just hope we see less of ‘Chucky,’ ‘Nazi’, or ‘Hitler’ comments in the months ahead and more reasoned arguments for voting Republican or Democrat.

I’m prepared for the slings and arrows. Enough said.

John Bourg, Harlingen