Local VA ‘flawless, professional’

Approximately 20-plus years ago, I was declared eligible to receive VA medical benefits. Since that time, all of my benefits have been supplied by the Harlingen VA facility.

With my primary physician’s authorization, I have received treatment and medications from dermatology, laboratory, pain, pharmacology, primary care, psychology and radiology.

All have performed flawlessly in an utmost professional manner and my “wait time” has been acceptable. I have had the same primary care physician for at least 15 years. He is responsive, compassionate, patient and above all, a fine, caring diagnostician.

The only drawback to the Harlingen VA is its phone system, which creates a high degree of frustration. However, the problem is acknowledged and is being addressed.

In summation, I feel quite secure in entrusting my health care to the Harlingen VA facility.

John B. Hollingsworth, Palm Valley