Time to listen elsewhere

Among his inaccurate statements in his short “Happy campers?” letter in the June 24 VMS, Santiago Perez wrote, “The irony is that (Trump’s) personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is Jewish …

Has he forgotten what happened to his people just a few generations ago?

Is Rudy Giuliani the American Judas?”

Obviously, Santiago Perez does not know that Donald Trump is extremely popular in Israel.

Dec. 14, 2017, “Jerusalem Post poll: Skyrocketing support for Trump among Israelis: Among Jewish respondents, 77% said the Trump administration is more pro-Israel, 1% said more pro-Palestinian.

By contrast, the Smith Research poll taken closest to this point in his presidency, Barack Obama, found only 4% of Jewish Israelis considered his administration pro-Israel …”

The Sun (UK news), 5/14/2018 headline: “Israel goes crazy for Trump ahead of U S embassy opening in Jerusalem.”

So who’s pro-Israel, Donald Trump or Barack Hussein Obama?

Santiago Perez also wrote, “I never thought I would see in my lifetime a President who would separate children from their mothers.”

The photos of migrant children in “cages” that went viral a couple of months ago were from 2014. If some of you can recall, Barack Hussein Obama was president in 2014.

It’s plain to see the migrant kids in the cages were somehow separated from their mothers. How many were separated voluntarily? How many involuntarily?

Why was there no outrage about migrant kids in cages from Democratic Socialist politicians like Filemon Vela, Beto O’rourke, their supporters like Santiago Perez, and the left wing broadcast and print media in 2014?

As usual, pure left wing hypocrisy from the Godless Left and the extremely large number of Democratic Socialist party supporters in the liberal media.

In my opinion, it’s American families, like the family of BP agent Javier Vega, that have suffered permanent separation of their loved by illegal alien murderers, that deserve our prayers and sympathy.

It is incredible how the liberal media control what most Americans think, believe and talk about.

How does the liberal MSM do that? From a breitbart.com, July 24, 2018 headline: “TV news (ABC, NBC, CBS) gives migrants 120 times airtime as victimized Americans,” that’s how.

There is no doubt that cable news outlets, MSNBC and CNN, along with local news broadcasts and the Spanish speaking networks are even worse than the evening newscasts.

The liberal broadcast and print media have total mind control of most of the American public.

Forum readers that aren’t Socialists/ Communists might consider Whatfinger News, an aggregate news website, as an alternative to the left wing nightly newscasts.

N. Rodriguez, Harlingen