A solution to Jefferson Davis statue

The Isis wannabees continue to feud with the Sons of Confederate Veterans over the Jefferson Davis boulder in Washington park in Brownsville because they find the name of the president of the confederacy very offensive.

I believe I have the solution to this problem by changing the plaque from Jefferson Davis to Capt. Justo Trevino of the Confederacy and his Partisan Mounted Volunteers, which included 89 Tejanos from the Brownsville area and Mexican Nationals from the Matamoros area.

Trevino was born near Las Rucias in 1826, and the 1850 census listed him as a farmer and resident of Brownsville. In November 1863, Justo was commissioned a captain with a company of almost 40 Hispanics.

Over the course of the war, 89 Hispanics would serve in his squadron patrolling the Rio Grande River, possibly as far as Rio Grande City, for border bandits, horse thieves, cattle rustlers, and according to one account, for Juan Cortinas, the Mexican revolutionary.

Trevino’s cavalry would have also provided extra security for Col Santos Benavides’s caravans of wagons loaded with cotton that were being transported from Laredo to the Mexican seaport, Bagdad, across from Boca Chica. The cotton was then loaded on Mexican ships that sailed to England and Europe for much needed military supplies.

15 skirmishes were fought from Laredo to the Rio Grande Valley, and most were close to the Rio Grande River, along with 2 battles, the Battle of Laredo and the Battle of Palmetto Hill, 13 miles outside of Brownsville. Isis wannabees and the political correct crowd may want to erase the history that they do not agree with, but the Rio Grande Valley all the way up to Laredo, played an important part in the confederacy, being the only major cotton pipe line to a major sea port for the confederacy.

Capt. Justo Trevino and his Hispanics, along with Col. Santos Benavides, Capt. Justo Benavides, and Capt. Refugio Benavides, the three brothers from Laredo, all fought for the confederacy and for the president of the confederacy, Jefferson Davis. Viva Tejas y vivan los Tejanos.

Jack Ayoub, Harlingen