This started before Trump

Since we have a few who try to equate Trump with Hitler, let’s look at the unruly behavior that has become more evident and more prevalent in the past five or more years.

(Pre-Trump) The disregard for other’s personal property, public property or state and national institutions has become too common among some of those who profess freedom. Freedom for whom and to do what?

Reason has been replaced by emotion as evidenced by the need for quiet rooms to furnish emotional solace after their candidate loses an election.

Hate has manifested itself in ruffians as they tear down their own communities and ruin their neighbor’s businesses while they cry out for freedom.

Freedom for whom and to do what?

Those with differing opinions are inundated with filthy language that is too vulgar to be just dirty politics.

Threats of violence against them if an apology is not given conceding that nasty language and brutal behavior exceeds the freedom of speech and the right to assemble.

All in the name of freedom. Freedom for whom and to do what?

Perhaps the Nazi storm troopers are brought to mind by their behavior. In the name of freedom?

Freedom for whom? To doWhat?

This all started before Trump.

Sincerely, Norma Christian, Raymondville