South Latin students win awards at national convention

Harlingen High School South Latin students traveled to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, to attend the 2018 National Junior Classical League Convention from July 23 to 28.

Students competed in a variety of categories and brought home numerous awards from the National Greek and Latin Competition.

2018 NJCL – Harlingen High School South Students

Individual Awards:

Silver Medal Recipients Kaitlin Villarreal – Classical Art I – 8th Place Alex Castillo – Classical Greek History – 9th Place Valeria Montero – Classical Art III – 10th Place

Bronze Medal Recipients Kaitlin Villarreal – Greek Derivatives I – 11th Place Kathryn Allen – Greek Life & Literature I – 12th Place Alex Castillo – Greek Life & Literature II – 15th Place Emi Ruiz – Reading Comprehension: Prose III – 15th Place Dalilah Sanchez – Roman Life III – 15th Place

Honorable Mention Recipients Valeria Montero – Mottoes & Quotations III – 15th Place Emi Ruiz – Sight-Recitation: Advanced Prose – 16th Place Brianna Saldivar – Latin Vocabulary I — 16th Place Judith De La Garza – Latin Oratory III – 16th Place Kaitlin Villarreal – Roman Life I – 19th Place Valeria Montero – Greek Life & Literature III – 20th Place Dalilah Sanchez – Roman History III – 20th Place Kathryn Allen – Latin Vocabulary I – 20th Place

Excellent Achievement Award Recipients Kaitlin Villarreal – 9 points in 6 contests Valeria Montero – 8 points in 6 contests Alex Castillo – 7 points in 5 contests