Why are we paying for illegals to go to our schools?

I cannot believe that the San Benito CISD will provide educational services for these illegal immigrants. They do not live here, nor pay school taxes, nor city taxes.

I believe I had read that Southwest Key program is a federally-funded shelter for illegal immigrants. They have had their own employees before, why with the SB school now?

Is it because they are getting $5,997 per year for each illegal student? They must be more important than our U.S. students.

They should be sent back to the mothers that in the first place sent these innocent children all by themselves. This is getting ridiculous.

And no program for all these people that lost everything with the rain more than a month ago. No help, do not qualify, all kind of expenses. They should all say or claim they are illegals and that way they might get help.

Remember freedom is not free.

Rosie Olivarez, San Benito