Staff Writer

BROWNSVILLE — If you think the first eight months of this year have been hotter than last year, you are wrong.

According to the National Weather Service in Brownsville, the first eight months of 2017 were the hottest in the Rio Grande Valley.

The sweltering temperatures are due to La Canicula, or “dog days” of summer that have impacted the South Texas area for the past several years, basically bringing the hottest temperatures to the area, NWS meteorologist Matthew Brady said.

“When that’s dominant we get really hot. That pattern has been dominant a lot over the last few summers from 2016, to 2017 and to this year,” Brady said.

Brady said the ridge that brings “La Canicula” is still around and basically pushes any rainmakers away from the area.

While many parts of the Valley have experienced rain from some hit and miss showers this summer, Brownsville has pretty much remained dry, making some wonder of there is some type of dome around the city that prevents the rain from coming in.

There’s no rhyme or reason.

“It’s mainly going to be just the luck,” Brady said. The sea breeze activity is spotty in nature during the summer, and what happens is there will be hit-and-miss showers. “Unfortunately sometime Brownsville is missing out.”

He added that at times, the sea breeze tends to head inland and will bring showers to the Harlingen and McAllen areas.

The Valley won’t see cooler temperatures anytime soon. According to the climate prediction, there will be a 50 percent chance of above normal temperatures through the month of August and about a 30 percent chance of below normal precipitation.

Until the cooler temperatures arrive, Brady advises that people take the necessary precautions to stay cool during hot days, which includes wearing lightweight clothing, limiting outdoor activities and remaining hydrated.

“Also remember to look before you walk if you are dropping off a child at daycare or heading into a store. Remember to take the child with you. You don’t want to leave your child in the car,” Brady said.