Unrivaled mendacity

On July 1, 2018, Ms. Bonkers opined “They have all come to the United States illegally. They are criminals.” No, on both counts.

A.G. Jeff B. Sessions gave a directive that officer’s go to a bridge’s international boundary, and deter would be asylees from crossing to his lauded ports-ofentry. Thus, he later declared anyone caught evading a port of entry would not be eligible for asylum. So, he has his cake and eats it too.

Forbidding legitimate asylum applicants from entering into a port of entry is what fosters legal immigration seekers, being hindered into illegal entry. Even that context does not necessarily mean they have become a criminal. Their asylum claim may be favorably decided, therefore vindicating them, even if, a non-port of entry intrusion occurs.

This ‘ Catch-22 ‘ policy is as VMS states: “ it’s reasonable to expect that the president would merely start utilizing any new agency, the same way he uses ICE with no real benefit to immigrants or to our country as a whole. “

ICE did and does deport many persons apprehended within 100 miles of the border, without any semblance of “due process.” USCIS does not even become aware of some of these “expedited removal” field deportations.

ICE has forcefully separated parents from their children and deported youngsters, while their parent(s) languish behind in custody here. ICE facility conditions are such that U.S. Federal Judge Dolly Gee has appointed a monitor to oversee conditions here in the Valley.

A decent person, soldier, or official can’t always escape responsibility by the often stated quote: “I was just following orders.”

Letter writer N. Rodriguez proclaims vigorously his Christianity. He might not abide tearing a fellow Christian family apart. Our nation must exhibit courage against abhorrent policies proffered in our name, foisted upon toddlers, truly the most vulnerable.

Ron Lozano, Harlingen