A response to Gene

Mr. Novogrodsky disagrees with my solution to change the name of Jefferson Davis on the plaque of the boulder that sits in Washington Park to Capt. Justo Trevino of Brownsville and his 89 Tejanos from the Brownsville area and Mexican nationals from the Matamoros that served in the Confederacy.

Capt. Trevino and his Hispanics were not traitors nor pirates, but soldiers that wore the Confederate uniform and carried the Confederate flag on scouting patrols along the Rio Grande River.

This squadron of partisan mounted volunteers took their orders from Col. Rip Ford of Brownsville and fought according to a military code of conduct.

The federal Congress issued a joint congressional resolution in May, 1926 that was signed by the President of the United States that stated that all Confederate soldiers were to be given the same honor and respect of a Union soldier.

Texas history has long forgotten the participation and contribution of Tejanos who fought under Capt. Juan Seguin for Texas Independence, and now the Isis wannabees and the politically correct crowd want to carry on that same tradition with the Tejanos who fought under Capt. Justo Trevino for the Confederacy.

But not under my watch, Gene … viva Tejas y vivan los Tejanos.

Jack Ayoub, Harlingen