Mayor, cronies use tax dollars better

Just looked at the work being done on the Baxter Building downtown and am wondering where the (I believe 24) “Largely Low Income” renters are going to park their cars.

I did not see a parking lot that for them except across the street, but don’t those belong to the city. Also, didn’t see any place where the kids who will live there can play. Looks to me like Mayor Boswell and his cronies have added another burden to the taxpayers along with the Convention Center which they know will operate at a loss to the city.

They never have told us how much either project is going to cost the taxpayers, just like Bass Pro., we are just going along like sheep with what they tell us.

They just keeping adding taxes to our water bills saying it is just a street repair assessment. Why don’t Mayor Boswell and his cronies stop spending taxpayer dollars on Boswell’s follies and use some of that money to fix our streets.

Just wondering.

Paul Davis, Harlingen