Foundation presents drama on right, wrong

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Is he or isn’t he?

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Is he or isn’t he?

Isn’t he what, wonders Sheriff Drab Nickers, wife Lacie and daughter Frillie.

Is Brigand Chiseler, played by Danny Dollar in the play “Nickers in a Twist or Never a Dull Chiseler,” rehabilitated after serving 20 years in prison?

That’s the million-dollar question. Everyone thought so, but now they’re not sure.

“It’s a melodrama,” said Judy Brewer, who is directing the play for the El Paseo Arts Foundation. “It’s just kind of a spoof on justice and right and wrong. It’s something that was done at the turn of the century when the movie shows hadn’t gotten big yet.”

She said El Paseo presents a melodrama every two or three years.

“They’re always well-received,” she said. “They’re funny, and they are family-oriented.”

The play, which will be performed later this month at the South Padre Island Convention Centre, is set in a typical old west town, probably in Texas.

“Melodramas are a hoot,” said JoAnn Evans, president of the board of El Paseo Arts Foundation. “Nickers draws upon all the classic components of this theatrical style to elicit audience responses that cover the breadth of cheering on the hero, empathizing with the heroine and booing the villain.

“If perchance you’ve never had the privilege to participate in melodrama before, this is your opportunity.”

Other characters in the play include Nick Naughtieman, played by Hayden Draker, and Deputy Dewey Dolittle Sr., played by Francisco Partida.

If You Go

WHAT: “Nickers in a Twist or Never a Dull Chiseler”

WHEN: Aug. 24 and 25 TIME: 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: South Padre Island Convention Center

ADMISSION: $30 per person, $25 for members of El Paseo Arts Foundation.

$10 for children age 16 and younger.

TICKETS: Tickets can be purchased at Paragraphs Book Store, S.O.S., the Art Gallery in Lighthouse Square and online at www.