HARLINGEN — “It’s Owl Right.”

Those glittery words on a shirt were a perfect fit for one of Diana Alvarado’s daughters.

She and some of her children were sifting through clothes stacked on tables yesterday at the Main Unit of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Harlingen. They and other families were picking up some much-needed clothes and school supplies at the Harlingen school district’s annual Texas Parents Day Celebration.

Just in time for the start of school — which is Monday.

“ I feel really good about this,” said Alvarado. “It’s a big help for parents with children, especially people like me because I have three.”

The clothes — mothers were looking vigorously through items and putting them into bags — were donated to HCISD’s Clothing Closet.

The event is important for families, said Jose Luis Cavazos, director of parental involvement for the district.

“ We want to make sure all students are ready to begin the new year with clothing and school supplies,” he said. “We’re bringing in a lot of informational booths.”

Cristina Flores stood at a table filling a bag full of clothes.

“ It helps out a lot,” said Flores. “It would be very hard without this event. I have five children; I brought three.”

Her son Jaden, 13, had found some shirts he liked.

“ These are like Nike shirts and superheroes,” he said. “It’s cool.”

Alvarado’s daughter Melanie also searched for clothes.

“ This skirt, I like this,” she said, holding it up.

She appreciated the opportunities offered at the event.

“ I feel like it’s good because people come here and find clothes new or used,” said Melanie, 13.

Gerald Gathright, director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Harlingen, was delighted so many parents had come to the event at the Main Unit.

“ I feel happy to see all the children with their parents,” he said. “That’s always gratifying. It’s a great opportunity for them to get back-to-school clothes.”