Lights to grace palm trees on Van Buren

HARLINGEN — The city’s downtown district is looking to brighten things up with the addition of night-time LED lighting for palm trees along Van Buren Avenue.

The white, mini-LED lights will be threaded around the trunks of 29 palm trees on the stretch of Van Buren, which was recently added to the downtown district.

“It’s going to be from West Street all the way to E Street, and only on the palms that have access to electricity,” said Downtown Manager Edward Meza. “They’re going to be spaced out and it’s going to look really nice.”

The downtown district along Jackson Avenue installed similar lights on trees there about two years ago. About 60 palms and seven oaks on Jackson Avenue have the cheery LED lighting, strung around their trunks.

“They serve not only for decoration but it makes it safe at night, it’s brighter and it just makes downtown special with the lights,” Meza added.

Specifically, the 136 lights on order are 100 Light Cool White Wide Angle LED Minilights and will cost $2,986. the downtown district board voted this week to approve the expenditure for the lights.